Assessment: Congress should take these 3 exercises from Maharashtra-Haryana decisions

Assessment: Congress should take these 3 exercises from Maharashtra-Haryana decisions

New Delhi: Haryana Assembly political decision results 2019 have shown up. They have carried a few exercises to the Congress.  Before October 21, everybody appeared to have the likelihood that the BJP in Haryana, drove by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, would win a tidy up, making sure about a full lion’s share. There was no opportunities for the Congress till a month ago. These political decision results are sufficient to make self-investigation for the Congress.

The BJP was sure of a full larger part in the Haryana get together races. The BJP guaranteed that the gathering would get 75 seats in Haryana with 90 get together seats. While the Congress didn’t have any appointive methodology in Haryana. The Congress was separated here. Till half a month prior to the political decision, the Congress had not delegated a political decision group.

Then again, there was a conversation about Manohar Lal Khattar that he was a common individual and he was an individual who ran a perfect government in the state. Khattar made a superior showing of bringing non-Jat voters to the BJP’s stage, not simply in the field of government working.

In any case, when the Haryana political decision results started, the Congress itself didn’t anticipate that the gathering should make such an alarming jump in such a brief timeframe. In these races, The Evil Chautala, the grandson of ILO boss Om Prakash Chautala, alongside his Jannayak Janata Party (JJP), showed up in the job of kingmaker. The evil Chautala got the tendency of both the BJP and the Congress parties. Since it was accepted that the way to framing the following government in Haryana was with the evil Chautala.

The Jat people group got the most noteworthy help from the Congress in the Haryana get together races. There was outrage and hatred among the Jat people group about the decision BJP. This is being ascribed to their dismissal. Manohar Lal Khattar’s administration didn’t meet the guarantee of offering quantities to Jats. Simultaneously, the Congress likewise got the help of Jats because of the continuous log jam in the current period. JJP got comparable help.

Significance of Local Leaders

Be that as it may, the Congress can draw three exercises from the aftereffects of get together races in Maharashtra and Haryana. The principal thing is the significance of nearby pioneers. Decisions in both the states have by and by set up the significance of nearby pioneers. These neighborhood heads performed well in the races all alone, not depending on the focal authority. In Maharashtra, the Congress had an imperceptible and authority. While maharashtra’s state unit was debilitated because of factionalism.

It’s acceptable to expel Tanwar and give Selja the obligation

In Haryana, previous Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda had the benefit of being from the Jat people group. While Bhupendra Singh Hooda had the option to look for the help of the Jat people group, kumari selja additionally got the advantage of making Haryana Congress president before the political race. The Congress had the option to get non-Jat casts a ballot through Kumari Selja. Through them, the Congress additionally connected with the booked rank voters.

The second exercise for Congress in these races is to settle on snappy choices. The gathering ought to figure out how to take a brisk choice on the issues. It’s anything but a shrouded thing that Ashok Tanwar ought to host been expelled before the state get-together president and Kumari Selja ought to have given the post.

Tanwar was not appropriate for the situation. Tanwar was selected by the then Congress President Rahul Gandhi. In any case, there was a dissent in the state unit against this choice. Overlooked it from the gathering. Tanwar was expelled from office three weeks before the political race. Meanwhile, Hooda had additionally cautioned him to stop the gathering. Be that as it may, party pioneers took the correct choice and gave the new group time to design and strate. The Congress is currently investigating the chance of shaping a legislature in Haryana.

Authority to be chosen

The third significant exercise in these races for the Congress is concerning party initiative. A couple of months back, the gathering had chosen Sonia Gandhi as the between time director. Yet, there was not a solitary political race or rally towards Sonia Gandhi in these decisions. Previous president Rahul Gandhi held only two assemblies in Haryana. A large portion of the gathering’s huge pioneers kept away from the political race. These battles were taken care of by state pioneers. The final product just strengthens the way that Rahul Gandhi has not made any huge commitment for the gathering in Haryana.

(The creator is a senior columnist. This is his own perspectives)

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