Bhopal: Faridi-Sahab Taylor took a grievance and gave me a short ledge

Bhopal : शिकायत लेकर थाने आया फरियादी-साहब टेलर ने मेरा कच्छा छोटा सिल दिया...
The police didn’t discover the case deserving of recording a protest.(Photo Creadit-News18)

The police prompted the Faridi man to go to the court (cour) under segment 155.

A bizarre case has been accounted for in a police headquarters in Bhopal.Capital Bhopal. An individual got irritated with sewing his little briefs. He was furious to such an extent that he needed to record a report against Taylor in the police headquarters. Be that as it may, the police returned him to the polling form. Truly, he has exhorted that he can go to court under segment 155.

A faridi police headquarters in Bhopal, whose supplication was heard, was likewise stunned by the police. The case is from Habibganj police headquarters. The police staff here were dazed when an individual connected with grumble about his kachare. The objection says that his briefs were smallly sewed, while he gave Taylor more material. Faridi additionally said that he had given his own measure for kachche, yet Taylor made the wreck.

Confounded cop

The man has whined recorded as a hard copy against Taylor. He doesn’t comprehend the areas wherein he should make a move against Taylor for the situation. The police at that point prompted the Faridi individual to go to court under segment 155. The police has considered the case unsigned, which implies the police didn’t discover the case fit to document a grumbling.

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This is Kachare’s grumbling

Faridi, who lives in Bhim Nagar, Bhopal, has griped recorded as a hard copy that number five has a teller shop. I gave the 2 meter fabric to make her briefs. Taylor gave my briefs a little cob.  I asked him to enlars the briefs. Yet, Taylor said nothing can happen now. Faridi has mentioned the police to be satisfied to make lawful move against Taylor. Ti Rakesh Srivastava says, “How about we see what the police can do to help in this protest.

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