BJP MLA, bureau serve leave meeting on DM

DM पर भड़के BJP विधायक, कैबिनेट मंत्री की मीटिंग छोड़ चलते बने...
During the gathering in Udham Singh Nagar, DM Shailendra Singh Negi got the mla’s noked

The BJP MLA stated, “The legislature doesn’t have any guardians and the administration authorities don’t hear them out. As per the MLA, he was grumbling about awful streets and the wellbeing arrangement of the area in the gathering however DM Neeraj Kherwal began scrutinizing his memory.

Udham Singh Nagar. Objections of BJP MLAs from Uttarakhand against government authorities are not decreasing regardless of the sets of CM Trivendra Singh Rawat. The most recent case is from Udham Singh Nagar where dm Shailendra Singh Negi was tossed out of the KICHHA MLA during a gathering.

Resistance to administration

As the 2022 Assembly Election moves closer, BJP MLAs have straightforwardly challenged the administration. On Friday, bjp MLA Rajesh Shukla was showering on authorities and particularly the area judge at a gathering of Madan Kaushik, the clergyman in control in Udham Singh Nagar region. Before the pastor in control, MLA Shukla indignantly said that the administration doesn’t have any guardians and government authorities don’t hear them out. As per MLA Shukla, he was submitting his question about the helpless streets of his get together and the wellbeing arrangement of the locale, yet the region’s DM Neeraj Kherwal began scrutinizing the memory of the MLA. As per Shukla, the DM said that your memory isn’t acceptable. There have been a ton of formative work in your body electorate. When the DM heard this, mla Ji’s mercury climbed and he got up from the gathering. In spite of the fact that madan kaushik, the clergyman in control, attempted to stop him, mla Shukla didn’t. In any case, serve Madan Kaushik later named the MLA’s dismay as right and said that the specialists ought to tune in to the open agents and locate a positive arrangement.

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Mla Shukla is continually giving dharna

Kichha MLA Rajesh Shukla has been compelled to arrange a dharna over and again while being his own gathering government. Regardless of whether it is the installment of ranchers in the sugar factory or the issue of expulsion of every day wage representatives from Pantnagar University or considerably after the proposal, the lady is shocked about the non-accessibility of treatment, MLA Shukla has sat on dharna. So also, the MLA has likewise cautioned of a dharna outside the CM lodging for fixing the street associating Rudrapur-Kichha.

Congress assaults government

Bjp MLA Rajesh Shukla’s indignation has additionally permitted congress to scrutinize the working of the administration. The Congress chief and previous bureau serve tilkaraj Behar has said that when the BJP government isn’t hearing its MLAs, what will befall the average folks? Behar said that the open should feel that in 2022, there ought to be no MLA who can’t complete the work by the individuals even through his legislature and is attempting to cry and stage a dharna.

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