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Here Come New Ideas For Short Arabic Stories

Tech should be part of the solution. . Life, disrupted: In Europe, millions of refugees are still searching for a safe place to settle.

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In one Department of Health image, a young man wearing a face mask and a Band Aid on his left shoulder is pictured with a militaristic slogan: ‘I’ve armed myself for my country.’ 





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Layla and Majnun are viewed as part of the platonic Love genre, so-called given that the couple never marry or consummate their relationship that’s popular in Arabic literature, though the literary theme is available across the globe.

The most well-known example of Arabic fiction is the One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights), simply the most effective identified of all Arabic literature and which in turn even now have an affect on the majority of the concepts non-Arabs have pertaining to Arabic customs.

A good example of the possible lack of well known Arabic prose fiction is that the tales of Aladdin and Ali Baba, usually thought to be part of the Tales from One Thousand and One Nights, were not truly part of the Tales. A popular demonstration of enchanting Arabic poetry is Layla and Majnun, going back the Umayyad era in the 7th century.

It’s really a heartbreaking story of unequaled love just like the later Romeo and Juliet, an illustration of an English to Arabic Translator giving an influence of the west towards the mid-East. They were first found in French language translation of the Tales by Antoine Galland who heard them being told through a traditional storyteller and merely existed in imperfect Arabic manuscripts before that.

Presently more than thousands of Satellite TV stations and channels in the this vast world and they broadcast the various TV shows based on religious, traditional as well as day-to-day life style.

The traditional programs expressed information and lecture to people because all the followers of Islamic religion like it more and believe in the Allah as well as spiritual preachers. Most of programs of these channels are transmitted in Arabic language that reached to the every people.

On Tuesday, protesters torched a police station in the city and smashed its windows.

On Thursday, in an apparent show of force, several dozen police in riot gear marched past a Crusader-era fort towards the station to inspect the damage.

DUBAI, June 10 (Reuters) – Qatar’s BeIN Media Group on Thursday said it had retained exclusive television rights to broadcast the Champions League, Europa League and other UEFA competitions across the Middle East and North Africa for a further three years.

Israel named its first ambassador to Bahrain earlier this month, after normalising relations with the Gulf Arab state a year ago, an Israeli government Arabic-language Twitter account said on Thursday.

It depicts great along with bad figures and provides them in this type of manner that people feel compelled to follow the case of great characters and steer clear of the follies and mistakes of wicked ones.

Most operates of literature present us the operating of a ethical order in the cosmos, to ensure individuals could derive appropriate lessons for our personal guidance in li Fe. Literature has a part in the character-building of people. The analysis of such works will uplift and ennoble us. Literature provides us face-to-face using the endless issues of life.

It compels us to meditate over these difficulties to be able to seek out a reasonable answer. (6) ETHICAL TEACHINGS AND CHARACTER-BUILDING. The analysis of Arabic Literature can also be a way to obtain moral education.

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