Ranbir Kapoor copy Junaid Shah dies from heart failure, faces viewing Rishi Kapoor was likewise left stunned

रणबीर कपूर के हमशक्ल जुनैद शाह का कार्डियक अरेस्ट से निधन, चेहरा देख ऋषि कपूर भी रह गए थे हैरान
Ranbir Kapoor copy Junaid Shah dies.

Kashmiri columnist Yusuf Jameel educated correspondents regarding junaid Shah’s demise that he died at a srinagar-based home.

Mumbai: Bollywood on-screen character Ranbir Kapoor’s copy and Kashmiri model Junaid Shah spent away on Friday because of heart failure. Junaid, who resembles Ranbir Kapoor, was 28 years of age. Kashmir writer Yusuf Jameel educated journalists regarding Junaid Shah’s demise that he died at a srinagar-based house. Indeed, Junaid Shah was a neighbor of Yusuf Jamil. Being Ranbir Kapoor’s carbon copy (Ranbir Kapoor resemble the other the same Junaid Shah dies), Junaid abruptly stood out as truly newsworthy. In the wake of seeing Junaid, Ranbir Kapoor’s dad Rishi Kapoor was additionally shocked at his looks.

Junaid was well known via web-based networking media. When Rishi Kapoor saw Junaid’s photograph, he was stunned. He shared a photograph of Ranbir Kapoor and Junaid Shah and wrote in a tweet: “Gracious my God, my own child is a carbon copy!!! Can’t guarantee. A decent copy.’ Her comparability with Ranbir Kapoor had helped her make some model tasks in Mumbai. As indicated by reports, 28-year-old Junaid had as of late came back to Kashmir to deal with his feeble dad.

OMG. My own child has a twofold!!! Guarantee can’t make out. A decent twofold                                http://pic.twitter.com/iqF7uNyyIi

— Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) April 16, 2015

Giving subtleties of Junaid’s destruction, his neighbor and writer Yusuf Jameel (Junaid Shah) expressed: “Junaid, child of our long-lasting neighbor Nisar Ahmad Shah, died late in the night because of heart failure. Individuals state he looked like Bollywood on-screen character Ranbir Kapoor. Be that as it may, I state he had extraordinary expectation and quality of his sickly dad, mother and the entire of Kashmir . He resembled force and salvation.”

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