Telangana wins by-political race to a record larger part in this seat

तेलंगाना की इस सीट पर उपचुनाव में रिकॉर्ड बहुमत से जीती TRS
Gathering registers record triumph in Hyderabad seat of Telangana.

TRS won the (Telangana) By-political decision by Huzurabad by a larger part. Up-and-comer Shanampuri Sayeedi Reddy won the triumph by a record edge of 34624 votes.

Hyderabad: The Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) party, which is in power, has won the by-political race by a tremendous greater part in Huzurabad. Gathering up-and-comer Shanampuri Sayeedi Reddy has won the triumph by a record edge. Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) President Uttam Kumar Reddy’s better half Nalamada Padmavati Reddy has lost the political race against him.

While Sayeedi Reddy got 108004 votes, Padmavati Reddy got just 74638 votes. Sayeedi Reddy won the political race by an edge of 34624 votes. Trs party competitor Sayeedi had been in front of the time the checking of votes started. While the Congress applicant kept on lingering behind the TRS party competitor during the checking of votes, his number of votes never went past Sayeedi’s votes.

In the 22 periods of checking, the TRS kept on getting a greater part at each stage and at long last Sayeedi won a reverberating triumph. An aggregate of 28 competitors had handled in the political decision war in Huzurabad. Curiously, free applicant Sapawat Suman completed third with 2693 votes.

BJP applicant Kota Rama Rao got 2621 votes while Telugu Desam Party (TDP) competitor Chhawa Kiranmay got 1827 votes. Them two were allowed bail and were positioned fourth and fifth. Political experts accept that the strike has affected the bye-decisions in Huzurnagar in the wake of the progressing RTC strike in the state. In any case, it couldn’t have any effect on the TRS applicant’s triumph. Gathering laborers are praising the triumph of the TRS and sharing desserts.

2009 record broken

Uttam Kumar Reddy won the 2018 political decision from Huzurabad and turned into a MLA. In the 2019 Lok Sabha races, he was chosen for the Lok Sabha from Nalgonda seat and needed to leave the Huzurabad gathering voting public. The bye-political race to the seat abandoned by Uttam Kumar was held. In the interim, this political decision saw a record of 29194 in the 2009 races, however Sayeedi has obliterated the 2009 record by a lion’s share of 34624 votes in this current time’s races.

In the last get together decisions, Uttam Kumar Reddy crushed TRS applicant Sayeedi Reddy by an edge of 7466 votes. In the 2018 get together decisions, the BJP got 1555 votes and the TDP was in union with the Congress.

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